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Through our expertise about The Commercialisation of Innovations, we help to promote productivity and competitiveness by developing new models for businesses and organisations. 

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Managing Digital Transformation From a Capability Perspective

Digital transformation is all kinds of changes that happen by the presence of digital technologies (Hess et al. 2016; Nasiri et al. 2020a). The two most important characteristics of technologies that occur in digital transformation are borderless connectivity and quick changes. Borderless connectivity means that there is no restriction regarding time, place, and type of […] The post Managing Digital Transformation From a Capability Perspective appeared first on LAB Focus.

Learning by Playing

Implementing different ways of engaging students in learning is a current educational trend. A game can be one of the solutions to bring diversity to lecturing and reading textbooks. Apart from being just a tool to help memorize content, Academ’Quiz offers an element of competitiveness to students and a community of practices to teachers. As […] The post Learning by Playing appeared first on LAB Focus.

#OmaLahti PB Second Time Round

Citizenzs of Lahti were introduced to a modern way of having their say in municipal spending in 2020. The city ran their first city wide participatory budgeting PB “OmaLahti Osbu” where ordinary citizens can give ideas on how to improve their city, co-create with city officials and later vote on their favorites. The city then […] The post #OmaLahti PB Second Time Round appeared first on LAB Focus.