Sending us your application assignments

Easy as 1–2–3!

  1. Photograph your work 

  2. Prepare your files

  3. Send


1. Photography of your work

You will need to photograph all drawings and models before you can send them to us online. Please pay close attention to the lighting and setup of your photos so we can best assess your work. A built-in flash on a phone or a camera will usually not give you the best results. It's better to photograph your work in an environment where there is ample ambient light.

Try photographing your work outdoors during overcast weather. Lay your work flat on a preferably dark and flat surface. Position your camera straight above your drawings to avoid distortion. If your camera has an optical zoom lens it's better to zoom in a bit because the widest zoom setting might distort the image. Avoid direct sunshine or shadows cast over your work. 

Check your pictures before sending. They need to be in focus and the colors should look good to you. If the colors don't look right, you can try to photograph the pictures under different lighting conditions. 

Under good lighting modern cellphones produce excellent photographs. But feel free to use a dedicated digital camera. Your photography skills are not assessed here so you can also ask a friend to help you take the photographs. You can also use a scanner to digitize your drawings into image files if you prefer.

If you apply into more than one of our degree programmes remember to send in your completed assignments for each of them. Even if there are similar assignments, you need to send in your work for each programme you are applying into!


2. Preparing your files 

You can send us files in the following standard file formats:

Content type File format
Text .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt
Images and photographs .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png

Make sure your image files are not too large for email. You can use image editing software to scale them down and save your images in the .jpg image file format. 


3. Sending us your application assignment files

Attach all your assignment files into one email message. In the subject-line of the email write the word "Application" and your full name. As the email text you can write in your full name again and "Industrial Design" or "Packaging and Brand Design". There is no need for further text. Include your letter of motivation as an attachment.

When sending use the same email address you have given when making your application at!

Send the files to...

ID [dot] applyatlab [dot] fi  for Industrial Design application
PAC [dot] applyatlab [dot] fi  for Packaging and Brand Design application.

IF you can not send email attachments to us, you can use to send us your files instead. Use the same email address you have given when making your application at But we do prefer simple email with attachments.

You need to send in your files before the end of 20.2.2022!