Application Assignments

The application assignments for the degree programme in English at the Institute of Design and Fine Arts.

Joint Application 4–18 January, 2023

  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Sustainable Design Business

Please complete the application form at before 3 p.m. on 18 January 2023 and complete and submit all two assignments on this page by 20 February 2023.

Preliminary tasks, Sustainable Design Business 2023

1. Choose one case / example study from Ellen McArthur foundation site (Circulation design/Examples) and reflect the case to your own thoughts and ideas from the design perspective. 
(The length of the text is about 2 500 characters, PDF)

2. Motivation letter.  
Why are you applying to these studies in Finland etc. 
(The length of the motivation letter is about 2 000 characters, PDF)