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Culture and Tourism: Life in "The New Normal". Innovative Response to the Changing Business Environment

Event date and time
29.5.2020 13.00–15.00
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LAB's role
How culture and tourism companies manage to live in "The New Normal"? What kinds of innovative business models have emerged in response to the Covid-19 outbreak? What challenges did the companies and organizations face, how have they overcome them, and what have they learned? We are going to discuss these and other important questions during the event.
Event agenda

Paul Gudgin, Festivals and events expert
Mika Kylänen, LAB University of Applied Sciences
Valery E. Gordin, Higher School of Economics
Susanne Marx, Stralsund University of Applied Sciences

Juha-Pekka Natunen, Kulttuuritila Nuijamies
Anastasia Knyazeva, Dostoevsky Museum
Anna Vilkuna, Kaakon Taide
Elizabeth Ordinartseva, Art-Center "Pushkinskaya-10"

LAB University of Applied Sciences
Saint-Petersburg Institute for Cultural Programs
Humak University of Applied Sciences
Stralsund University of Applied Sciences
Higher School of Economics

The event is organized by EDUCRO, Culture Tourism for City Breakers, BalticMuseums: LoveIT! , and Creve projects. The EDUCRO project is funded by the South-East Finland - Russia CBC Programme.

The event is free of charge and open to everyone interested in the topics. 

Olga Bogdanova
olga [dot] bogdanovaatlab [dot] fi