Event date and time
14.2.2023 09.00–15.00
Event location
M19-campus, StartHub
Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti
LAB's role
It is time to take over the tools to master the future - EKY project introduces you to the Futures Thinking and Ideation!

The future often appears dim and uncertain. Futures thinking and Ideation help you to be prepared for changes and find your way over the corners and grindstones. During this Encounter you will learn the basics of both themes and get help with your own germs of ideas. Practical examples describe the benefits and support of the professionals provide you excellent premises to tackle your challenges and make year 2023 your year. Welcome!

Event agenda

Futures thinking + Ideation

9:00 Breakfast, included & Meet StartHub team

10:00 LAB Design / SUSANNA BJÖRKLUND Opening the door to Futures Thinking

Susanna Björklund is a trend analyst, futures thinker,  international speaker, designer and a senior lecturer at LAB University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design. She is interested in the future of design, megatrends, societal trends and phenomena, sustainability and how they all link together. She strongly believes that futures thinking and foresight can help businesses in making futures related decisions and in creating a path towards thriving, positive futures.

We will dive into the world of megatrends and interesting phenomena and tune into noticing change around us. We will try a method  which concentrates analysing a challenge your company might have.

11:00 AALTO Design Factory / SENNI KIRJAVAINEN Tools for Ideation – How to handle it

Senni Kirjavainen is designer and developer working in research at Aalto University. She has been working on developing Aalto Design Factory since its beginning phases, and is now focusing on design and creativity in organizations, idea generation, and developing the ways we advance these topics in higher learning and corporate world.

Ideation can be learned and improved. You will learn about the basics of idea generations and methods, and get to try out different methods for coming up with ideas and fleshing them out into a bit more developed concepts.

12:00 Lunch Break, included

13:00 Workshop

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Event is free of charge.
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