LAB carbon footprint and sustainable campuses

The goal of the LAB University of Applied Sciences is to be carbon neutral by 2025 and carbon negative by 2030.

We calculate our carbon footprint every year with ARENE's carbon footprint calculator. Calculating our carbon footprint helps us see the impact of our own choices and actions on the environment.

In order to achieve carbon neutrality and negativity, we also utilize the expertise of our Group, with the help of the Sustainability Science Carbon Negativity Team at LUT University, and build LAB's Climate Action Plan (CAP).

We will work towards our goals with the owners of our campus properties, University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK) and Isku Center. We will also work continuously to reduce the energy and water consumption of the building we own on the Lappeenranta campus and to improve waste sorting. The electricity purchased by the LAB is guaranteed by origin and is 100% renewable (VENI Energia).

Strong cooperation with property companies enables energy-efficient use of space while taking into account the potential need for change in the future. SYK's aim is to be the most responsible campus operator in Europe in 2030. Isku Center is at the forefront of smart energy.

By taking on Arene's joint commitments, we will promote the reduction of the carbon footprint of all Finnish universities of applied sciences:

  • We will carry out a carbon footprint calculation annually with a jointly developed calculation model and monitor the development of our carbon footprint.
  • We commit to developing and using calculation criteria to ensure consistency and transparency.
  • We will implement the jointly planned measures in order to reduce our carbon footprint and emissions.
  • We will work together to find other ways, in addition to emission reduction measures, for universities of applied sciences to achieve carbon neutrality in their target timetables.

LAB has more than 8500 students on the online campus and in Lahti and Lappeenranta. In Lahti, we operate on a modern and energy-efficient campus, renovated in the former Isku furniture factory in Mukkulankatu. In Lappeenranta, we create new innovations at the international campus in Skinnarila, the largest higher education campus in Southeast Finland.

Both of our campuses are in the immediate vicinity of student apartments, with public transport and nature nearby. We benefit from the learning facilities shared with LUT University, the other half of the LUT Group.

Examples of sustainable practices on our campuses:

  • We enable our staff and students to work remotely.
  • We provide instructions for recycling and the correct sorting of waste.
  • We reduce paper consumption by using an electronic ERP system and electronic archiving and signing.
  • We share all the systems and facilities among the LUT Group.
  • Food left over from lunch is sold to campuses at cheap rates.
  • On the Lappeenranta campus, we have bioscales to measure customer-specific food waste, encouraging people to reduce the amount of food going to waste.
  • The lights in the learning and meeting facilities at the Lahti campus are controlled by motion sensors, which ensures that our electricity consumption is minimised.
Lahti Campus from air

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