Sustainability in education

LAB will enact positive reform in business and industry by educating experts who think in a responsible way and promote sustainable development. Our students will have an orientation course on the goals of sustainable development, ethics and the Earth's carrying capacity. Personnel will also be educated on the concepts of responsibility and sustainability related to their work.

Graduates of LAB University of Applied Sciences will be able to act in accordance with the ethical principles of their field, approach the different actors in business and industry on an equal footing and apply the principles of sustainable development in their field.

As part of the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene ry, we commit to guaranteeing skills in sustainable development for everyone:

  • Our degree programmes will produce experts who are able to promote sustainable development
    in industry, business, and society. All our graduates will have at least basic knowledge of sustainable development and responsibility, including climate issues, in addition to the expertise related to their respective fields. We will ensure that sustainable development and responsibility are integrated in all our degree programmes.
  • We will provide education for lifelong learning to promote persistent sustainable change in all areas and levels of society.
  • We will promote the accessibility of higher education so that everyone can strive for education and expertise regardless of their family background, gender, language, ethnic background, nationality, disability, place of residence or other factor beyond the individual.

Examples of sustainability in LAB education:

  • Societal commitment 2050 for the education of registered nurses, public health nurses and paramedics. Nursing professionals graduated from LAB will follow the principles of sustainable development in their work and have the capacity to develop the sector into a more sustainable direction. Nursing curricula is integrated with tasks consistent with the theme of sustainable development.
  • Energy and environmental engineering students will implement the Climate Partnership operating model and support companies in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and mitigating climate change.
  • The wearable design track at the LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts centres environmental values and sustainable development.
  • The Sustainable solutions Engineering degree prepares engineers for an international career in sustainability.
  • Sustainability and responsibility are at the heart of the tourism and hospitality sectors.
  • Our comprehensive selection of online studies and investments in the online materials of our Academic Library, the electronic exam and learning environment, and personnel's e-pedagogy skills and remote learning contribute to the accessibility of higher education.
  • For brushing up on sustainability themes, individual courses are offered through Campus Online and our Open UAS.
  • The Climate University offers learning materials and cooperation with business and industry for solving sustainability challenges.

In addition, LAB is a partner in the LUMATE line of the Sammonlahti school in Lappeenranta, which focuses on biology and mathematics education. We are also involved in technology education cooperation at the Sammonlahti school.

With the LUMA Centre in Saimaa, promote the teaching and learning of natural sciences, mathematics and technology for children and young people in South Karelia, Kymenlaakso and South Savo. We will also intensify school cooperation integrated into curricula under the LUT Junior University umbrella with the Uniori project in Lappeenranta and the Universoma project in Imatra.

As part of the nationally unique JunnuYliopisto – a joint project by higher education institutions – we bring information and skills on the environment, circular economy, programming and robotics to children and young people in the Lahti region.

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Sustainability Manager
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