International Double Degree

International double degree gives you degree certificate from two higher education institution when graduating; one from LAB and another from one of our partner institution abroad. In order to gain both degrees, you need to have completed part of your studies in our partner institution abroad. It is possible to complete the double degree within the time frame of your study right and completing a double degree does not prolong your study time.


In a double degree programme you can develop a deeper understanding of the required competences than would be possible during a normal exchange period; this is because in a double degree programme the content, extent and total duration (e.g. studies, practical training, thesis) of the studies are planned together with the partner institution. The studies completed in the double degree programme bring qualitative added value to both of your degrees.

A double degree increases your chances of moving on to post-graduate studies abroad and also employment opportunities in the international work market.


When studying in the International Business Programme at LAB, you have the opportunity to gain a double degree in our partner institution in Germany, France, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Taiwan.

If you are studying Tourism and Hospitality, you can gain double degree in Germany.

When studying in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, you can study double degree in Germany, Czech Republic and in China.


You can apply for the double degree programme in a partner institution which has a double degree agreement with us. In order to gain double degree, you will need to complete one academic year in a partner institution, and this is usually the third academic year of your studies at LAB.

The application procedure is the same whether you do a normal exchange or if you go for a double degree.