Entrance Examination Summer Application 2022

Bachelor of Culture and Arts

Industrial Design, full-time studies, Lahti, 240 ECTS
Packaging and Brand Design, full-time studies, Lahti, 240 ECTS

Preliminary assignments (to be returned by August 3rd)


Write us a Letter of Motivation.

Tell us for example:

  • Why do you want to study design at the LAB University of Applied Sciences?
  • Why should we choose you as a degree student at the LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts?
  • What is your passion regarding design?
  • What do you expect to learn during your degree studies?

Methods and tools: Write a one-page (A4) text. Add first your name in the motivation letter.

Assessment criteria: motivation, understanding of the field of design, written language skills

The motivation letter needs to be in Word, Pdf or Txt file. Name the file as Firstname.Lastname_Motivation


Choose a product or an object of your homeland or country you are living in now. Re-design the product and re-new branding. Focus on redesigning the product for new customers, markets, improved useability, and/or design. Focus your design by branding the new product/food item and telling its story.​

Explain the focus in your design.​

 a) Ideation and Visualization

Divide one A3 drawing paper into two parts. On the left side of the paper draw your product as an orthographic projection. You can add into the drawing explanatory text(s). Draw or paint your new product idea on the right side of the paper three-dimensionally so that it is in perspective to the landscape behind.

Attach a picture and description of the original product so that our evaluation team understands how your design is different.

Tools: You can use any drawing tool including digital ones.

Assessment criteria: Brainstorming skills, clarity of pictorial narration, and drawing skills.

The picture needs to be in Jpeg, Png or Pdf file format.​

Name the picture as: Firstname.Lastname_Ideation​


b) Model of your design

Prepare a model of your new product with materials available to you, of your own choice.

Attach a picture and description of the original product so that our evaluation team understands how your design is different.

Tools: You can use any tools and materials of your own choice.

Assessment criteria: Usability and model-building skills.

The picture needs to be in Jpeg, Png or Pdf file format.​

Name the picture as: Firstname.Lastname_Model


c) Advertising poster

Make an advertising poster of your new product idea. Give your product a name and include a slogan supporting the story. You can include other informative text in the poster.
Make the poster on one A3 size paper.

Tools: You can use any drawing tool including digital ones.

Assessment criteria: Storytelling, functionality, and usability of the design, presentation skills

The picture needs to be in Jpeg, Png or Pdf file format.​

Name the picture as: Firstname.Lastname_Poster​


Send your files and pictures to

ID [dot] applyatlab [dot] fi

PAC [dot] applyatlab [dot] fi


Deadline for preliminary assignments: 3 August 2022

In addition to completing the application at Studyinfo.fi you also need to send us your preliminary assignments before the end of the application period, 3 August 2022 at 3 pm.

Applicants whose assignments are approved will receive an invitation to take part in the application exams.

Application exam 15 August 2022

Selected applicants will take part in the online application exam 15 August 2022.



Bachelor of Engineering

Sustainable Solutions Engineering, online studies

All applicants will be eligble for entrance examination.

You will get more instructions with the connection link Tuesday 9.8.2022 the latest


Day                                      Wednesday 10.8.2022 at 12.0014.30


Place                                   Exam is online, link will be sent after application period is over, latest Tuesday 9.8.2022


Entrance Exam                    The entrance exam will be an interview in a group of 3-4 applicants. Duration of the interview is 20 minutes. The aim is to evaluate your language skills, orientation in the field of engineering and sustainability, as well as your ability to work and study on-line. There will be two interviewers. Both interviewers score the results independently, using scale 1-10, thus maximum score being 20. You will need minimum score of 10/20 to pass the exam.



ID document                       You will have to present a valid ID document in the beginning of the exam. This can be passport or legal identification card.


                                            If you are unable to attend, please inform our students’ office on Tuesday 9.8.2022 at 15.30 the latest, by email: studentservicesatlab [dot] fi.






Master of Business Administration

International Tourism and Event Management, Lahti

In order to be eligible to apply for a UAS Master’s level degree programme you must have completed an appropriate university of applied sciences (UAS) Bachelor’s degree or another appropriate higher education degree and have at least two years (24 months) of subsequent work experience in a relevant field.

LAB uses also discretionary admission. Applicants with Finnish post-secondary level education may also be admitted, if the UAS considers their skills and knowledge sufficient including language skills.


Student selection

The student selection is based on the number of points gained at the entrance exam. The maximum number of points is 100. To be eligible to the program the applicant has to achieve at least 40 points.

The entrance exam is completed by submitting a video and written assignment  the instructions of which you'll find here

Both assignments have to be completed by midnight 8.8.2022


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