MOVEO - sports and wellness

MOVEO provides high quality, affordable and versatile sports services for higher education students today and in the future.

The gyms are open 7.30 -21.00 on weekdays. HOX remember to book your training time always via avoinna24 reservation system

Gym&group exercise venue


Group exercise lessons

You can check out the schedule and book your place here

We also provide live break exercises and instructed lessons in Zoom. More info here


LAHTI You can see the ballgames shifts also in the reservation calendar


How to become a member

Memberships are on sale in LUT online shop.

LAHTI: You can pick up your tag by showing the confirmation of purchase from the Niemenkatu 73 main lobby on weekdays 8-16

LAPPEENRANTA: Access to the gym happens with a key tag that most students get as part of their studies. If you haven’t received the tag yet, you can get it from the LUT information desk in the main lobby, or the KOE student union office in the UAS building.


  • Gym & ballgames 25 € / semester
  • Group exercises, gym & ballgames 50 € / semester

Further information

Markus Halonen
markus [dot] halonenatlut [dot] fi
Pekko Pirhonen
MOVEO Lappeenranta
pekko [dot] pirhonenatlut [dot] fi

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