EDUCRO project final publication book

Final publcation
We are happy to introduce the final publication of EDUCRO (Edu-Creating New Customer Value through Cross-border Co-operation) project. EDUCRO started in Fall 2019 and is finalizing its existence by the end of 2022. The purpose of the project was to help small scale cultural organizations in both countries to find innovative ways to develop their operations by finding not just new international partners but also fresh ideas and tools to work with audiences in a digital area.

From the very beginning EDUCRO has been a co-operative project between universities and cultural institutions in both side of the Finnish and Russian border. This co-operation has already its roots in past decades where people and organizations in creative sector and universities in both countries have developed their mutual understanding and ways to interact in the region. EDUCRO’s one purpose was to collect best practices and innovate something bigger and more effective for the future in this area.

EDUCRO is one of those international project’s being a victim of unexpected threats. Global pandemic and war in Europe have had the impact to the project and many planned activities had to be transform or even call off. In the end digital and online activities had a much bigger role in the project that was planned. Due to participants’ ability to adapt to these new situations and because of their strong commitment it was possible to continue the project and create many fundamental and crucial results that will have impact in the future.

This publication includes articles and reviews based on the project and its’ activities. There are also international conference articles where some experience and results have already been presented to international audience.

EDUCRO was a pedagogical project, it was a practical and business-oriented project, and it was also a project that brought people and organizations together: building bridges between Finland and Russia. All these features can be found in following articles. Authors are discussing how to develop digital cross-border collaboration and what can be learned from participant’s experiences in e-learning. It is also important to understand how to incorporate sustainable business management and profit earning, and to what extent can
higher education curriculum serve and bring together people in creative sector. These important aspects are also discussed in the articles.

EDUCRO project has been interesting, challenging and full of surprises. We hope you enjoy reading about this whole experience and knowledge the project has offered to our project team.