LAB University of Applied Sciences purchases Skinnarilan hovi

The University Properties of Finland has sold the historical Skinnarilan hovi house in Skinnarila, Lappeenranta, to the LAB University of Applied Sciences. In addition, the University Properties of Finland will be selling the adjacent lakeside saunas to LUT University.

The LAB University of Applied Sciences will start renovations on the house and the adjoining cottage. Skinnarilan hovi was built in 1903 by Pekka Silventoinen, a silversmith in St. Petersburg.

Renovation by students

Skinnarilan hovi and its adjoining cabin will primarily be renovated by local students of LAB and the Saimaa Vocational College Sampo. Sampo has programmes in construction, wood processing and building maintenance, and LAB trains master builders and engineers.

”Many instances have requested the restoration of Skinnarilan hovi to its former glory. We aim to respond to this request. Moreover, the villa and its annex are an excellent restoration and construction project for our local students,” says Turo Kilpeläinen, President of the LAB University of Applied Sciences.

The planning and implementation of the renovation project must take into account the requirements of the Finnish Heritage Agency, the work must be carried out cost-efficiently, and the outcome must be versatile enough for multi-purpose use. LAB and LUT are also hoping that the City of Lappeenranta would modernise the overgrown surroundings and make it a park.

Rector Juha-Matti Saksa, LUT University, explains that the goal is to save the heritage site and give local actors an opportunity to put their expertise to use in the restauration project. LUT University plans to rent Skinnarilan hovi from LAB for various university events.

”I am pleased we were able to sell the site to LAB and LUT. We believe that they will embrace the historical value of the area. It is especially significant that they will be able to use the heritage site in their own activities,” Sanna Sianoja, the University Properties of Finland, sums up.

More information:

  • President Turo Kilpeläinen, LAB University of Applied Sciences | 044 708 5085
  • Rector Juha-Matti Saksa, LUT University | 0400 166 659