SLEM project meeting in Liechtenstein

SLEM project meeting in Liechtenstein

For the first time since the project launch, the team of the SLEM project was able to meet physically. The meeting took place in Liechtenstein, in the premises of the University of Liechtenstein and Formatio private school. On the 9th and 10th of September 2021 team members worked on the SLEM manual aimed at instructors, students, and pupils interested in topics of self-leadership and mindfulness. With the first pilot activities underway, the team reflected on gathered experiences and discussed future actions aimed at tailoring project outputs to the needs of target beneficiaries.

The first SLEM intellectual output will take the form of a manual for the training of entrepreneurial self-leadership skills. This manual will encompass the course outline, literature, learning materials, exercises, and practices. It will set foundations for future project outputs. Furthermore, it will have the potential to be utilized by educative institutions around Europe and the world who would like to teach and foster entrepreneurial self-leadership skills to their students in person to guide their curriculum design and supply them with supplemental learning materials.

Olga Bogdanova
olga [dot] bogdanovaatlab [dot] fi