Open UAS student fees

Course fee: €15 per credit

  • The total fee depends on the total number of credits of the course. For example, the fee of a five ECTS credit course is €75.

Semester fee: €100

  • The total fee of path studies is €200 (the study period is two semesters)

All fees are non-refundable.

Transcripts and certificates

After successfully completing your studies you will get a transcript of your Open studies. The first transcript is issued free of charge.

VAT 0% (all prices)


Student fees are invoiced at the beginning of the course / path studies. It is important that you pay your fees on time in order to avoid unnecessary disruption to your studies.

Note! Studying at Open UAS does NOT entitle you to get financial aid for students from KELA. If you're unemployed you should consult your TE Services counsellor before registering to Open studies.