Boosting knowledge workers' productivity and well-being at work

Knowledge-workers and their productivity are the most valuable assets of today’s institutions and organizations. The
project stems from an acknowledged need to support knowledge-workers mental and physical well-being at work and ensure that they have necessary skills to cope and innovate in turbulent working environments.

The project seeks to develop, pilot and assess a novel and participatory operating model, which focuses on
1) enhancing knowledge-workers’ control over one’s work, innovation capacity and self-management skills
2) improving knowledge-workers skills and knowledge on how to take care of their physical ability to function and work recovery
3) promoting working cultures and management practices which enhance knowledge-workers occupational well-being and productivity.

The project consist of three complementary work packages which apply COM-B approach (Capability, Opportunity,
Motivation) as an overall framework. As a result of the project new operating models, which consider the risk factors of knowledge-intensive work, have been created, piloted and assessed. The developed operating models are openly
available and the outcomes of the projects will be disseminated also to different working life development networks
and other relevant stakeholders dealing with working life development and employment services.
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