Design, uudet teknologiat ja elinikäinen oppiminen -DUTE

The main goal of the Design, New Technologies, and Lifelong Learning project (DUTE) is to develop businesses and entrepreneurs' skills and digital abilities in the Päijät-Häme region. DUTE promotes growth following the challenges caused by the corona pandemic through a new kind of learning culture, utilizing new technologies and digital tools. DUTE integrates digitalization into the learning culture of organizations. It enhances their operations and internationalization, activating recovery from the corona pandemic.

Many companies and entrepreneurs have knowledge and skills that other entrepreneurs in the region could use to streamline, develop and evaluate their operations, regardless of industry. These can relate either to the company's substantive sector or, for example, to time management, general management, or resource efficiency in general. This tacit knowledge will be made visible at DUTE by creating a digital learning platform for entrepreneurs in the region, with expert content that promotes general skills and content produced by entrepreneurs in the area with the support of the DUTE team.

The project meets the objectives of the Päijät-Häme regional strategy by seeking new growth by, e.g., experimenting with new technologies and know-how. Lahti and the province will be strengthened by renewed insights into business development and skills in digitalization.
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