Design Venture Programme – Design to Speed up Businesses in South Karelia

Design Venture Ohjelma Etelä-Karjala
The Design Venture Programme in South Karelia brings together SMEs from different sectors with their business and product development needs, the skills of designers and funding representatives.

The Programme includes group sparring for SMEs, info sessions and promotion events to help these encounters and to help SMEs to understand how design can benefit business development and what kind of support is available for them.

The first Lappeenranta Design Venture Day will be organised in 2021, which will become an annual event after the project.

We raise the strategic position of design as a brand and attraction factor. We aim for the creation, growth and internationalization of successful companies.
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ERDF 2014-2020
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Institute of Design and Fine Arts
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The programme develops and accelerates the businesses of SMEs through design and communication. We train entrepreneurs to understand the benefits of design and communication in their business. We train designers to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. The content of the program will be built on the needs of the participating companies and designers.

We are looking for companies from various industries in South Karelia.
Participation in the programme is free for companies.

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Events and Trainings


10 May 2022 Design Venture Day 2022 – Future and Forecasting
15 Mar 2022 Yrittäjien aamupala – Brändäys ja tuotteen luominen
3 Feb 2022 Yrittäjien aamupala – Vaikuttaminen somessa
25 Nov 2021 Diamond Makers – Design Venture’s own version of the Dragons’ Den or Shark Tank
2 Nov 2021 Suunnittele toimiva (digitaalinen) palvelu
12 Oct 2021 Yrittäjien aamupala – tarinallistaminen ja markkinointi
5 Oct 2021 UpCycle – Circular Economy & Design Event
31 Aug 2021 Palvelumuotoilun avainasiat liiketoiminnassa
3 Jun 2021 Branding, marketing communications and digital communication design
1 Jun 2021 Design Venture coffee break
4 May 2021 Design Venture Day
4 May 2021 Leadership Innovation VIA Design Workshop Info
22 Apr 2021 Institute of Design and Fine Arts in the jury of the IdeaRace finals
7 Apr 2021 Training IdeaRace competitors to use design


Design Venture introduction in Lappeenranta, South Karelia
The Design Venture Programme introduced its work in Lappeenranta. Tomas Nordström (right) presented the story of his online store, the Made in Finland Shop. Mikko Ojapelto and Pasi Toropainen (below) spoke about local business development and Veli-Pekka Räty about the benefits of design competence and the Design Venture Programme.
Photos and collage: Tommi Mustaniemi


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