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The Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing digitalisation of the industry has moved interactions between people and companies from in person to online. Be it a digital company or client meeting or a digital innovation session, for a successful collaboration online Distance Interaction Softskills (DIS) are essential.

Many organisations stress high developed technology in their business action models. Less attention has been given to interaction soft skills in remote connection. However, distance Interaction Softskills (DIS) shall be a way to eliminate distance between SMEs, RDI organisations, researchers, test facilities, innovation support agencies, workers, etc and end-users. DIS would strongly improve SMEs resilience improved viability of firms, such as during the current COVID 19 crisis.
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Baltic Sea Region 2014-2020
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In the Distance LAB Interreg pre-study we want to investigate the needs of our target groups with regards to distant interaction and their level of DIS. We also aim to identify key stakeholders and existing technology aids and academic research on the subject. In a future project we will make available tools and methods for better distant interactions to the projects target audience and help them future proof their organizations.

The project group consists of organisations that have specialized in service design, simulation
methods, rapid prototyping, communication technology and development of ecosystems for

Join us on the journey to better online interaction!

? Skellefteå Science City, Sweden (lead)
? Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland
? LAB University of Applied Sciences, Finland
? Trøndelag County Council, Norway
? University of Tartu, Estonia
? University of Lodz, Polen
Project managers