Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region (EmPaci)

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Have Your say in municipal spending with EmPaci - a pilot in Lahti running now!

The EmPaci-project is a joint venture in the Baltic Sea Region to promote participatory budgeting in municipalities. Participatory budgeting is a process of democratic decision-making in which ordinary people take part in preparing and adopting a municipal or public budget.

The EmPaci project team includes Finnish partners, LAB University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University who work together with 15 other partners from the Baltic Sea Region. The Association of Finnish Municipalities, a forerunner in Finnish PB, is also part of the team and supports EmPaci.
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Baltic Sea Region 2014-2020
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Pilot Sparked Interest Among Citizens

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Ideas about outdoor activities were popular (Picture: City of Lahti)

The City of Lahti is the Finnish pilot municipality of EmPaci. A PB-pilot where inhabitants get a chance to bring forward ideas and vote on their favorites has just started with the idea creation phase which was a hit - a total of 713 ideas were given. Many thanks to those who took part!

The pilot continues now with a checking phase where the City of Lahti makes sure the ideas given could actually be implemented. Those deemed to be possible then go through to the co-creation phase due in August where you can also take part. Voting will take place in September to determine which ideas will be implemented.

If you live in Lahti and are interested in making Lahti a better place to live - take a look and take part at the OmaLahti-PB at the City website!


More info on PB

A citizen survey has been published and it highlights the interest of citizens towards participatory budgeting even though the method is not yet know to many. For the report in Finnish, take a look here!

For more information about participatory budgeting (PB) in English, please visit our international project site at: www.empaci.eu


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The objective of EmPaci is to get more municipalities involved and mobilize different types of citizens by building municipal capacities, transnational clusters and municipality-citizen cooperation.
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