Gamechangers - Naiset peliteollisuudessa

The GameChanger project aims to get girls and women interested and involved in the ever-growing game industry. The Game industry is a growing business with good job opportunities and chances for many kinds of entrepreneurship, but the industry is still very male-dominated and there are several gender equality issues that aren’t addressed yet. GameChanger aims to tackle some of these issues and help women to get into game industry by showing that the necessary skills include not only coding but for example graphic design, game philosophy, marketing skills, networking, project coordination abilities, international competencies and user experience understanding.

The GameChanger projects aims to
• get girls and women interested and involved in the global game industry
• help women realize their own potential and different skills that are required in the games industry and also realize that you don’t need to know everything
• encourage networking
• promote gender equality

During the project the following events and programmes will be held:
• Screenshot Days: elevating and active gaming events at local high schools and vocational institutes, with information of studying opportunities as well as female role models from the game industry.
• Beta Coaching Programme: a coaching programme in which different aspects of game development and entrepreneurship are developed and discussed, with mostly women participants, such as people with the suitable degree or women studying a subject that prepares for working in the industry. The coaching programe includes enhancing business skills and international mindset as well as hands-on user experience development.
• Point-and-Click Events. Online streaming game and demo events in which participants of the coaching program, from businesses and from universities teaching game design in Europe come together virtually to showcase what's been developed, to share their ideas and to network in order to build career and business connections.
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