Green financial statements and accountability as part of the green transition - Green responsibility

The recovery from the corona epidemic and the strengthening of a green economy-based approach, regardless of
industry or company size, requires a new, uniform, neutral and objective set of financial statements. This need
increased with the preparation of a new corporate responsibility law by the EU in early March 2021. Through the economic review and financial statements, the starting points and development of the green economy will be brought to the attention of SMEs in the SME sector more strongly through economic impact. To achieve this long-term goal, the project will focus on modernizing and developing the service model for accounting firms. The starting point is the green economy, corporate responsibility law and responsibility reports.

The project responds to concrete needs by meeting the demands of the circular economy in the services of accounting firms. There are 40 SMEs (accounting firms) involved in the project (from South Karelia, Uusimaa and Päijät-Häme). The projects develops the resilience of accounting firms for small and medium-sized green
economies and creates a new service operating model. This will enable accounting firms and their clients to do
neutral, objective green financial statements and responsibility reporting, regardless of industry. Overall budget for the project is 633 514 euros and the share of LAB is 242 797 euros from the overall budget. Project starts on 1.9.2021 and ends 30.8.2023.
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