KESTI - Kestävä kierros

Sustainable round KESTI project aims to increase information on the business conditions of the circular and sharing economy.

KESTI project explores the opportunities and possible challenges for successful business based on the idea of a circular and sharing economy, using as an example a circulareconomy shopping centre.

Enabling the business conditions of the circular and sharing economy requires also changes in citizens consumption habits and shopping behavior. One of the goals of the KESTI project is to map also residents’ opinions.

The broader, long-term goal is to create a strong business opportunity, based on a circular and sharing economy in Lahti region, which would also create new jobs.

The key measures of the KESTI project consist of:
• a survey, finding out the operating conditions and modelling the operating concept of the shopping centre, based on the idea of circular and sharing economy
• mapping various partner organizations (private, public, third sector)
• discussions with residents, activists, and opinion leaders
• preliminary planning of the business model

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