Kurenniemi - cultural value of Russia and Finland through M. Agricola trail

Cape Kurenniemi area is located near the Finnish-Russian border in Leningrad Region in Russia. The name of the area is spelled Kyrönniemi in Finnish. The area is important from the point of view of its cultural, historical and ecological heritage.

The aim of the project Kurenniemi – Cultural value of Russia and Finland through M. Agricola trail is to establish a nature reserve status on the area and create a basis for developing sustainable eco-tourism and related business later.

The lead partner in the project is the All-Russian Society of Nature Protection, Leningrad Region office. The other partners are Directorate of protected areas of Leningrad region, Pushkin Leningrad State University and LAB University of Applied Sciences.
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South-East Finland-Russia CBC
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The objective of the project is to create an ecological tourist route on the area. The project collects and documents historical and experience information of the territory through which the route will pass. Expertise in developing eco-tourism and nature trails in Russia and Finland are collected and exchanged during the project.

LAB will provide expertise in developing sustainable and eco-friendly tourism routes and services based on culture-historical and ecological values of the region. Based on the Finnish experience in creating nature parks and hiking trails, LAB will contribute to the project, for example, by collecting and consolidating data on ecological tourist routes existing in Finland as well as by organizing joint visit to nature park(s) and meetings with experts, local authorities and/or companies to share this Finnish expertise in the project.
The results of the project support and strengthen the prerequisites of developing sustainable tourism on the Kyrönniemi area.
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