Lahti Green Design Week 2021

Lahti's Green City (GC) goals of the year highlight actions that improve a smooth and well-being-enhancing everyday life; the best environmental solutions for sustainable cities and actions that strengthen the international visibility of the environmental capital. GC's themes and actions will be brought to the visuals during Lahti Green Design Week 2021 in the period 3.-5.5.2021. The event is a showcase of how to implement sustainable design, product development and human-oriented solutions for a sustainable lifestyle in Päijät-Häme.

The tips of The Päijät-Häme's smart specialisation are design, circular economy, exercise and experiences. The roadmap for Päijät-Häme's design 2030 work together with the actors in the region, planning key measures to achieve a common vision: Päijät-Häme is a versatile and international success of sustainable and responsible design in 2030, where design delivers significant business growth and social benefits. One of the key measures of the road map is to strengthen Lahti's profile and visibility as a competence hub and ecosystem for sustainable design, one of which is the organisation of regularly repetitive design events.

Lahti Green Design Week 2021 as part of Lahti's Green Capital year is a very important opening for key players in Päijät-Häme, Lahti and key players implementing the event towards the internationalisation goals and vision defined in the roadmap for Päijät-Häme design: Päijät-Häme is a versatile and successful international design for 2030, where design produces significant business growth and social benefits. For its part, the event profiled Lahti as a forerunner in sustainable solutions, sustainable design and circular economy. The event will find new national and international networks and new partners to develop sustainable design (green design) and circular economy content and measures.
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