Leadeship as a trigger for behavioral change when creating AI cultures in companies and organisations

Finland believes and invests in education. However, digitalization challenges both traditional education in universities and regeneration of knowledge and skills in companies and other organizations. Leadership as a trigger for behavioral change when creating AI-cultures in companies and organizations -project (LEADBEHA) takes this challenge by surveying the needs of companies and other organizations for new higher education study units. These units are part of master’s degree programs in the six universities in Finland. In addition, LEADBEHA develops these study units based on results of the survey from companies and other organizations point of views. In this way LEADBEHA develops new innovative, agile and practically useful higher educational offering. LEADBEHA produces new knowledge about the companies and other organizations needs for these flexible master´s degree study units. In addition, the project collects experiences and knowledge about national level collaboration between universities when they produce educational package for companies and organizations. In this way LEADBEHA creates new scientific knowledge and practical skills for the organizations of modern society.
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