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Thank you for participating LUTERGO seminar!

LUTERGO-project's seminar was organized on 18th November 2021. It was possible to participate on-site and online.

Professor Heikki Handroos (LUT) opened the seminar. There were following presentations in the seminar:

  • Sari Soutukorva, LAB: The excavator operator's workload and stress in the real working environment (presentation in Finnish)
  • Victor Zhidchenko, LUT: Simulation model, environment, and data collection in real-time simulator & Tasks, parameter variations and experiments (presentation in English)
  • Asko Kilpeläinen, LAB: The excavator operator's workload and stress in the simulator environment (presentation in Finnish)
  • Amin Hekmatmanesh, LUT: Operator stress detection from biosignals (presentation in English)
  • Kari Kauranen, LAB: The explanatory factors for the workload of the excavator operators (presentation in Finnish)

Heikki Handroos made summary after all these presentations. Then it was organized a visit in the LUTERGO laboratorio where a professional driver demonstrated working with the simulator. The audience had a possibility to ask questions.

Next it will be finished with data analysis and reported results of this project.





Project team of LUT university:

Heikki Handroos, Project leader, Heikki [dot] Handroosatlut [dot] fi

Amin Hekmatmanesh, Project coordinator, Amin [dot] Hekmatmaneshatlut [dot] fi

Victor Zhidchenko, Researcher, Victor [dot] Zhidchenkoatlut [dot] fi

Juha Koivisto, Research technician, Juha [dot] Koivistoatlut [dot] fi

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