LUTERGO - Liikkuvien työkoneiden käytettävyyden älykäs kehitysympäristö

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ERDF 2014-2020
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Project is currently testing simulation surroundings and different measurement devices that help to estimate human stress. When corona-situation allows, the same type of measurements will be assessed in real working environments.

Loading and Stress
Loading logs and analyzing stress reactions with heart rate variation.


Excavator drivers needed:

Currently we are working  with excavator and seeking for excavator drivers to study. If you are experienced excavator driver, currently working with excavator and are interested in the stress factors of your work (and leisure time), we are looking for you. Measuremet are supposed to start immediately when Corona-situation will make it possible.

Measurements will have following steps:

  • Interview of the driver considering experienced work load
  • Heart rate measurement and wellfare analysis during 72 hours (including 2 days at work and one day leisure time)
  • Recording one working day with action camera (in and outside of the cabin) to ease working load evaluation.

If you are working currently with excavator (makes it possible to record heart rate and video) and are interested of stressfactors of your life, don't hesitate to contact us. I would be more than happy to tell you more about our current study.

Sari Soutukorva, physical therapist, Student of Health sciences and teaching master programme.
sari_soutukorvaathotmail [dot] com,
p. 040-8326140


Project team of LUT university:

Heikki Handroos, Project leader, Heikki [dot] Handroosatlut [dot] fi

Amin Hekmatmanesh, Project coordinator, Amin [dot] Hekmatmaneshatlut [dot] fi

Victor Zhidchenko, Researcher, Victor [dot] Zhidchenkoatlut [dot] fi

Juha Koivisto, Research technician, Juha [dot] Koivistoatlut [dot] fi


Project team of Jyväskylä university:

Sari Soutukorva, project trainee, sari_soutukorvaathotmail [dot] com

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Project team of LAB university