Safe, skilled and productive construction sites

Safecon projektin kuvituskuva
The aim of the Safecon project is to improve occupational safety in the construction sector and at the same time increase productivity and improve working conditions.

The main implementer of the project is LAB University of Applied Sciences and the co-implementers are the University of Applied Sciences of South-East Finland, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering SPbGASU and Leningrad State University Pushkin.
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South-East Finland-Russia CBC
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Both in Finland and Russia the frequency of accidents in construction is considerably higher than in other fields of industry or other working environments. Even though work safety in construction has been under development, and standardized and mandatory training actions are implemented in both countries, the number of accidents with different degrees of severity is still high.

SAFECON project aims to improve work safety competence of the construction industry in the cross-border area, in order to increase the productivity of the industry as well as reduce social costs and human harms.
The main measures of the project focus on the needs of the top management of the construction industry, foremen and safety managers and experts in both Finland and Russia. The aim is to broaden the perspective on occupational safety and to create means of communication that take into account, for example, workers of different ages and also foreign labor.

The aim is to develop a new type of operating and training model for improving occupational safety on construction sites. As part of the project, a security park will be built in St. Petersburg. The model for implementing the safety park has been obtained from Finland.
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