The Sap - the elixir of birch creates added value to the countryside

Interest in the utilization of natural products has increased in recent years. In addition to wood production, birch could be used in a more versatile way for various natural products, such as sap and chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus).

There are few areas of sap collection and use in Finland, and the sap is considered as a local by-product because it is highly perishable when untreated. In order to get more use and business for the sap, information available to everyone is needed, e.g. various quality factors. For chaga mushroom, production is more straightforward and the market exists, but more producers are needed to meet demand.

This project focuses on creating a collector-processor network in the Häme region, and on making various operating models and chains for developing business and generating information to increase the use of natural products of birch.

The project is implemented by LAB University of Applied Sciences, Lahti Region Development LADEC and Forest Management Association Päijät-Häme. The project is being implemented in the provinces of Päijät and Kanta-Häme with the support of the Rural Development Fund.

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