Strengthening students’ employability through enhanced skills formation

Background to the project

The youth unemployment rate in EU were close to 18 % in December 2017. Young graduates are struggling to find new jobs because they lack experience and the necessary skills. Europe’s higher education systems face challenges such as a mismatch between the skills Europe needs and the skills it has because, e.g. students graduate without the range of transversal skills they need for resilience in a changing world.

In order to foster employability effective skills development is crucial. Research shows that it is possible for higher education to improve student employability on a variety of measures, e.g. by strengthening the students’ transversal skills such as the ability to work in a team, problem solving and creative thinking.

Project period
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Project funding
Erasmus 2014-2020
LAB role
Project focus area
To foster employability, the EmploySkills project will support students in acquiring and developing transversal skills through the following objectives:

•Together with companies develop and implement curricula that emphasis transversal skills and meet job market’s
• Develop and implement new models (toolbox) to assess transversal skills
• Implement teacher training activities to help them develop curriculum design skills
• Develop and implement teacher support systems
Expected outcomes of the EmploySkills project:

• Improve teachers’ skills and competences in curriculum design
• Improve the assessment of transversal skills through development and implementation of an assessment toolbox
• Reduce skills mismatch by developing and implementing new curricula focusing on transversal skills
• Strengthen employability through reduced skills mismatch
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