TEK Skinnarilan hovi

Skinnarila Hovi is a villa built in 1903. Skinnarila Hovi was built for his family by a silversmith from St. Petersburg, Pekka Silventoinen. According to preliminary estimates, the building, which has an area of ??252 m2, is in reasonable condition for its age, but urgently needs renovation. The building was last renovated in 1993. The facade of the building is protected.
Skinnarila Hovi is located in the Skinnarila campus area and has therefore been owned by Suomen Yliopistokinteistö. In recent years, the building has been occasionally used as a space to host festivities. In autumn 2020, LAB University of Applied Sciences has bought Skinnarila Hovi for its ownership. It is important for LAB and the LUT group to renovate and maintain a culturally historically valuable building and make it available to both the university community and regional operators in a way that suits the building's tradition.
LAB's and LUT Group's starting point for the Skinnarila Hovi repair project, maintenance and future operations is primarily the opportunities it offers as a concrete learning environment. The project offers a building whose repair project, defining services, assembling operator networks and business-based planning provides a learning environment for the civil engineering students as well as students of business administration studies, tourism and catering, visual arts, visual communication and service design.
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