Recreation and wellness at work events

Motiivi Wellness services offers recreational activities to improve wellbeing in the workplace. The contents of the service are tailored to best meet the wishes of the client. The services include for example group exercise, functional wellness lessons, massage and body composition measurements. Group exercise classes can be for example mobility and recovering exercises, body control, functional training or kettlebell. Functional wellness lessons are available about various topics, such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, wellbeing at work and stress management. All the lessons include exercises to help transfer theory into practice. A recreational wellness day can be arranged at the LAB University of Applied Sciences’ facilities, outdoors if weather permits or indoors in a location of your choosing.

Group exercise classes

Motiivi Wellness services offers a wide selection of group exercise classes according to your wishes. There are a lot of different equipment available, which allows the class to consist of kettlebell exercise, mobility and stretching, functional exercise and ball games.

Group exercise class 60€/h (possible third party facilities’ rent not included in the price).

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