Business Information Technology examination

The entrance examination of Bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology

All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility will be invited to take the entrance examination.

The entrance examination will take place in week 42 online.  More detailed content and schedule of the entrance examination will be announced here soon.

The entrance examination result is valid only at LAB and for the duration of this application period. The entrance examination is not carried out in cooperation with any other UAS.

SAT-test result

As an alternative to the entrance examination you can apply by taking the SAT test.

1. Fill out the online application form at studyinfo during the application period (2 - 16 September 2020).

2. Take the SAT test. Note: You may also use the SAT score from a test completed earlier.

Lahti UAS requires the SAT test results from the following two sections:
-   Evidence-based reading and writing (min score 480)
-   Math (min score 500)

Note: Essay results are not required.

Instructions for SAT test procedures:

  • Check the SAT test dates and register to the SAT test here
  • If you have completed the SAT test earlier, request the test result from the test organizer. Only new SAT tests taken after 1 March 2016 are acceptable.
  • The SAT score must arrive to LAB Admission Services directly from the  test organizer, College Board.

    The code for LAB University of Applied Sciences is 7191.

The SAT test result needs to be received at LAB by 23 October 2020. Reports printed or sent by the applicant him/herself are not acceptable at the final stage.