Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology examination

All eligible applicants will be invited to sit a UAS entrance examination. Invitations to the examination will be sent to the email address given in the application. Applicants must sit the entrance examination at the unit providing the programme choice highest up in their application preferences participating in admissions cooperation. The location of the exam may not be changed. UAS engage in cooperation where programmes in the same admission group accept an exam taken at another UAS. Applicants must participate in all examination sections. If an applicant skips a section, the exam will be failed.

Entrance examination in Finland

Changes in entrance examination of Technology due to Corona virus limitations

The national entrance examination of Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology has been changed from the face-to-face exam (April 2st ) to an online exam due to the Corona virus situation. The exam will now be fully online.The invitations have already been sent by email to the applicants who are eligible to take the online exam.

Please note that the original times have changed. 

The exam will now contain two phases: 1) online exam and 2) online interview. 

1) The online exam (mathematics, physics/chemistry + motivation)

·         Opens on Monday April 6th at 10.00 Finnish time
·         Closes 4 hours later at 14.00 Finnish time
·         Points awarded: max 70 p; minimum requirement 20 p

Best applicants will be invited to an online interview based on the points of the online exam.

2) The online interview

·         Invitations will be sent on Friday April 17th
·         Individual online interviews (15 to 30 min - video connection required) April 21st - April 24th
·         Points awarded: max 30p; minimum requirement 10p

For the exam you will need a computer, and an internet connection. 

Exam participants from outside of Finland can check the Finnish time e.g. with the Time and Date website:

Further information will be sent to you to the same email address on Friday 3rd April.

Cancelled entrance exams in China, South-Korea and Hanoi

Due to the Corona virus and its effects, the entrance examinations were cancelled in China, South Korea and Hanoi in Vietnam. The applicants who had chosen China or South Korea as their exam location or pre-registered for the exam in Hanoi, have been contacted by the UASs that invited them to the exams. The above-mentioned applicants have now also been invited to the online exam replacing the national exam held in Finland.

(Information updated 1.4.2020)


CANCELLED: please see information above.
The national entrance examination in Finland for the Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology will be organised on 2 April 2020 in Lappeenranta.

The entrance examination is a written test of 3 hours. It measures study skills and aptitude for technological fields, as well as English language proficiency. Familiarise yourself with the degree programme´s curriculum before the entrance examination (link available later).

The language test is compulsory for all applicants and it will be assessed on a scale of pass/fail. Only applicants having passed the language test will be considered for admission. The examination is common to everyone regardless of their educational background. No calculators may be used in the examination.

The entrance examination result is valid for the duration of the application period in question. Applicants must score at least 20 out of the maximum of 70 points in the entrance examination.

The Degree Programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology participate in admissions co-operation.

Co-operating degree programmes (Finnips)

Entrance examinations outside Finland

The entrance examinations abroad will be held between 10 and 15 March 2020.

The entrance examinations outside Finland will be organized in co-operation with FINNIPS network.

The result of the entrance examination completed outside Finland is valid only for the degree programmes of Technology belonging to the FINNIPS network.

The entrance examination consists of the following sections (min./max. scores):

  • Part 1: Mathematics, Logical deduction, Physics, Chemistry and learning prerequisities (minimum 10 out of 40 points is required). Of Physics and Chemistry you can choose, which questions to answer. Be prepared to apply the SWOT analysis method and familiarise yourself with the degree programme's curriculum .
  • Part 2: English language test for all applicants (pass/fail)

The applicants must pass both parts of the exam in order to be selected for the admission.

On the application form the applicant can choose the country, in which he/she wants to complete the entrance examination.
Entrance examination countries: Brazil, China, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam

Read more about entrance exams in Finnips network web page.

SAT-test result

As an alternative to the entrance examination you can apply to LAB UAS by taking the SAT test.  

  1. Fill out the online application form at studyinfo during the application period 8 - 22 January 2020.
  2. Take the SAT test. Note: You may also use the SAT score from a test completed earlier.

LAB requires the SAT test results from the following two sections:

  • Evidence-based reading and writing (min score 480)
  • Math (min score 500)

Note: Essay results are not required.

Instructions for SAT test procedures:

  • Check the SAT test dates and register to the SAT test here
  • If you have completed the SAT test earlier, request the test result from the test organizer. Only new SAT tests taken after 1 March 2016 are acceptable.
  • The SAT score must arrive to LAB UAS Admission Services directly from the test organizer, College Board.

The code for LAB Lappeenranta Campus is 7191
The code for LAB Lahti Campus is 6891

  • If you are applying to both Lahti and Lappeenranta campuses, it is enough that the SAT result has been submitted to only one campus.

The SAT test result needs to be received at LAB UAS by 21 April 2020. Reports printed or sent by the applicant him/herself are not acceptable at the final stage.