Lahti, Finland

Lahti is the ninth largest city of Finland with about 120,000 inhabitants. This center of the province is known as a sports town and it is appreciated around the world also because of its design expertise and high-quality cultural services.

Lahti is also an internationally renowned environmental city, where energy efficient decisions are made for the inhabitants and the environment. The aim of the Lahti area is to be the most business-friendly and boldest sustainable growth center of Finland. The three core issues of the city's competitiveness strategy are circular economy, combination of design and digitalisation, as well as physical activity and experiences.


Student Accommodation

Here you can find some useful information of where to start searching for accommodation in the Lahti region.

Lahti attitude

Lahti is an attitude

The love for this glorious city is literally tattooed on the skin of many townies here. There is plenty of Lahti attitude also in our local traditional delicacy Lihamuki, as well as in many of our well-known townies like Jari Litmanen, Cheek, Brädi, Arttu Lindeman and Osmo Vänskä. Many of them have had a boost for their careers from our University of Applied Sciences, too!