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Summer activities by the lake
Summer activities by the lake.
There is something for everyone in here!

Sports paradise

Lahti Ski Festival
The Lahti Ski Festival

Lahti provides great opportunities of physical activity for many tastes. If you're not inspired by traditional gym, athletics, ball games or winter sports, you can also try out american football, ski jumping, roller derby, lacrosse, triathlon, figure skating, snowboarding, ringette, mölkky, beach volley, pole dancing, crossfit, parkour, bouldering, rugby, disc golf, cheerleading, enduro, air yoga, or even bouncing at the Trampolin Park. A unique Lahti phenomenon is also the Kortteliliiga, which offers free-form activities and volunteer sports activities throughout the year for the residents of the city. There is something for everyone in this range!

Of course, a decent sports city can also provide fun for spectator sports. FC Lahti, Pelicans, Lahti Basketball and FC Kuusysi women play in national championship series and the Lahti Sports Center hosts major international sports events such as the World Championships and the annual Lahti Ski Festival.

Culture for Everyone

Sibelius Hall
The Sibelius Hall

Lahti also has of course a big movie theater and a colorful selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and venues. For those who love high culture, there is also a good City Theater and the Sibelius hall, which has reached to The Guardian's top ten concert halls.  In addition to the world-renowned Sinfonia Lahti, there are many Finnish and international top artists and bands from different genres performing there regularly. In Lahti there are also in addition to the Art and Poster Museum and the Historical Museum, four specialty museums whose unique content can not be found elsewhere. These are the Ski Museum, the Radio and TV Museum Mastola, the Motorcycle Museum, and the Apulandia, where you can get acquainted with the fascinating story of one of the most successful band of Finland, Apulanta.

So much fun!

In Lahti, there is also lot happening because the city of Lahti has decided to invest for profiling to be a significant event city. Urban music will be heard again this summer at the Summer Up festival* in Mukkula, and Nightwish * will be playing in the same park for the heavier taste in late July. The highlights of  the sports summer will be the Ironman 70.3 Finland * and Lahti-Hollola Jukola 2018 * and at the end of the summer you can enjoy the Kaupungin Äänet and Lahti Block Party City Festivals. Do not forget the Cheek's sold-out Valot sammuu farewell concerts and the first ever four-day Lahti Fringe City Festival*, where the city is filled with a huge array of local and international performers from various cultural fields.

* By the way, there are also a number of our students of various fields working in different positions at these events. At LAMK, ECT's and practical skills can be collected also in an awesome and definetly memorable way in these kind of wonderful projects!