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At the Student Services the personnel will help you with study guidance and assist in initiating and completing your studies. Student advisors will also help you by handing out Transcripts of Records and Study Certificates.


Student Services front desk: Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM (first floor, room A110). 

Contact information: LAB Lahti Campus Tel. +358 (0)294462500, studentservicesatlab [dot] fi

Student Services front desk: Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM. 
LUT University building, room 2313 Student Services Centre (2nd Building, 3rd floor, near to the Indian Curry Restaurant).

Contact information: LAB Lappeenranta Campus Tel. +358 (0)40 649 4800, studentservicesatlab [dot] fi



Student Health Care Services for the students studying at the LAB Lahti Campus are located at the Lahti City Hospital, Masto-wing, 5th floor. Address: Harjukatu 48, 15100 Lahti.

All of the degree students studying full-time in Lahti are entitled to use the services. Visiting a nurse is free of charge for students who have municipality of residence in Finland.

For more information, please visit:


South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote) organizes health care services for the students of the LAB Lappeenranta Campus.

For more information, please visit:


Student healthcare services for students in higher education starting 1 January 2021

Starting 1 January 2021, the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) will provide student healthcare services for all higher education degree students. A healthcare fee for higher education students is paid to Kela. Students who are entitled to use the services of FSHS are students who have registered as attending and who are completing a bachelor's or master's level degree.

Exchange students, students in open university and students in tailor-made, customer-specific training programmes are not entitled to use the services of FSHS.

Information on student healthcare services is available on the website of the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS). Both Lahti and Lappeenranta service points include oral health care services. Service points are located

  • in Lahti Niemenkatu 73
  • in Lappeenranta Yliopistonkatu 34


Healthcare fee for students in higher education starting 1 January 2021

Starting in 2021, students who are entitled to use the services of FSHS will pay a healthcare fee to Kela. No bill will be sent on the healthcare fee, and thus the student has to pay the fee on his or her own initiative.

Kela will begin to collect the healthcare fee in the spring term of 2021. The healthcare fee can be paid via Kela's e-service starting in December 2020.
Up-to-date information on the healthcare fee for higher education students and payment of the fee is available on Kela’s website.

Any questions?

This page will show answers to frequently asked questions about the FSHS expansion and changes in student healthcare. You can also send your own question there. FSHS aims to answer new questions every 2 to 3 weeks.



The LAB University of Applied Sciences has a statutory accident insurance that covers all of students while on the premises during classes (including physical exercise classes) and breaks, during excursions that are arranged as part of the curriculum and on the way directly to and from school. The insurance is valid during a work placement or a clinical practice and during related travel directly to and from the locations where the training takes place, both in Finland and abroad.

The insurance does not cover accidents that occur during trips between Finland and a country in which an international work placement or a clinical practice takes place. Students should take out separate insurance that covers the entire period they spend abroad for studies, a work placement or a clinical practice.

Students from non-EU countries must have a valid health insurance issued by reliable company or institution. Non-EU students who are studying in Finland in a degree programme as a full-time students for minimum of two years need a health insurance that covers medicine costs.



The LAB IT Services are responsible for the management of all telephone and information network systems at the LAB University of Applied Sciences. 

The best way to contact the IT Services is via email (studenthelpdeskatlut [dot] fi (student)helpdeskatlut [dot] fi).

More information on printing, security, networks and programs:



LUT Academic Library is the joint library for the LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences. It provides library services for researchers and the general public. The library has an extensive collection of literature titles and journals, both in print and electronic format.

For additional information on library and information services, please visit the following website:



The LAB offers services of a senior pedagogical specialist as a support tool for learning and studying. Available for degree students who need support in developing learning skills, identifying learning strategies, or need help with anything related to learning. In addition to this, tests for reading and writing skills are also offered to the LAB students. Our senior pedagogical specialist is there to offer help, support and advice.

Lahti Campus
Special Needs Teacher Juha Tiitta
Tel. +358 44 708 1687, juha [dot] tiittaatlut [dot] fi

Lappeenranta Campus
Information will be updated during spring semester 2021.


The LAB degree students can use the services of a study psychologist who offers individual support with study abilities. The study psychologist can be met face-to-face, on the telephone or online.

Lahti Campus

Aino Elomäki
aino [dot] elomakiatlut [dot] fi
+358 50 4091716
Room A146

Lappeenranta Campus

Janita Suni
janita [dot] suniatlut [dot] fi
+358 50 3022427
Room 2323A



MOVEO provides high quality, affordable and versatile sports services for the students of the LAB. Services can be found from both of the campuses. For more information, visit MOVEO


Lahti and Lappeenranta campuses have their own chaplaincy (Evangelical Lutheran) and the services of the LAB reverends are available free of charge. Students are welcome to use the services regardless of their religion or denomination.

You can contact the campus chaplains for example when;
- you wish to talk to someone about anything going on in your life.
- you are interested in talking or learning more about philosophical or theological topics.
- you need more information about church ceremonies such as marriage, blessing of a marriage, prayer for the spouses, blessing of home or baptism.
- you wish to have confirmation training.
- you’d like to organize a student gathering and need help with that. 

You can call, send a text or a WhatsApp message or e-mail the campus chaplains:

Lahti Campus
Sonja Turunen +358 44 719 1203, sonja [dot] turunenatevl [dot] firoom (room A150)

Lappeenranta Campus
Sari Kosonen 040 3126 823; sari [dot] kosonenatevl [dot] fi (room 5113)
Aki Lasonen 040 3126 704; aki [dot] lasonenatevl [dot] fi (room 5113)