Continuous eLearning for Innovation in tourism management 2 (CEL4ITM)

The project is focused on supporting non-formal education and transfer of experience and knowledge in the field of tourism, adopting blended learning and coaching and mentoring approaches by the means of open, innovative and easy-to-use digital tools.
The partners are EVM (ESP, lead partner), STP (ESP), Nikanor (BUL), SMEBOX (SWE), ASSET Basilicata (ITA) and LAB UAS. See more:
In practice, the project aims at producing and delivering a cavalcade of about 100 videos and other e-learning material (in English and in four other partner languages, altogether 500 videos etc.) related to innovation in tourism management, entrepreneurship and marketing for beginners; and about mentoring and coaching for professionals.

The project aims to help small business owners establish and manage their own tourism businesses. Also, among the target groups and beneficiaries of the project are
- Professionals, who could be encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with newcomers in the tourism sector and help them start a new business or a career there.
- Managers and professionals, who want to go one step further, become mentors and coaches, and transfer their knowledge and skills.
- Professionals to improve one's skills and competences to become coaches and mentors of new-comers and to transfer their experience in the field of tourism.
- Beginners who are interested or would like to enter the field of tourism and enhance their skills in innovation in tourism management, entrepreneurship and marketing.
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Erasmus 2014-2020
LABin rooli
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