Commercialization research of highly realistic equestrian simulator

The project investigates novel commercial applications for a fully programmable riding simulator and created novel business models utilizing the novel technical capabilities provided. The existing horseback riding simulator market will carefully be analyzed and innovations for new businesses and markets are developed.

A novel beyond state-of-the-art horseback riding simulator technology providing a realistic feeling of riding a real horse will be developed in the project. A demonstration prototype, providing a fully programmable motion interface to mimic a full-scale motion patterns of real horses will be developed. The core technical development to be carried out is focused into the motion base of the simulator platform. Fully programmable motion based with capability for repeating large and fast motion patterns typical to horses is going to be developed. The programmability makes it possible to mimic individual motions of any living horse. This is the key advancement in comparison to commercially available products. In addition to motion mechanism, a novel horse head motion mechanism will be developed. The project also includes software development for fast motion data transfer from real horse measurement system to the simulator.

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