​Publishing at LAB University of Applied Sciences aims to improve and enhance knowledge sharing in multi-disciplinary research and development as well as innovation. LAB is committed to the principles of open access publishing.

LAB Open

LAB Open is an open access publishing platform which publishes articles and audiovisual materials by the staff, students and partners of the LAB University of Applied Sciences. The platform hosts two individual journals which are published continuously. Both journals accept and publish articles also in English.

LAB Focus Blogs

The blogs of LAB's four focus areas bring forth each focus area’s RDI and education activities.

Publication series

The LAB publication series publishes reports, monographs and compilations based on the RDI and higher education teaching activities at LAB.

All publications in the series are available online via Theseus.

About publishing in LAB

You can read more about LAB’s publishing activities from the LAB Guide to publishing and open science. The guide also offers information about open science, how to evaluate scholarly publications, and how to promote your research.

For any additional information or questions, please contact julkaisutatlab [dot] fi

Blog liftup

LAB Focus

Achieving Project Success

Companies are carrying out projects all the time. In fact, project management is considered as a strategic edge vital for the survival of a business in today’s dynamic world. Efficient project implementation is directly linked to value creation and leads to better performing organizations. (Kerzner 2018, 152−154.) Which factors actually make a project a success? […] The post Achieving Project Success appeared first on LAB Focus.

The European Summer School 2021 Goes to the Green Routes

In this blog we shall describe the commission based learning projects, which were carried out during the intensive online weeks of European Green Capital Summer School 2021 organised by three Universities (Helsinki, LAB, LUT) and University Campus in Lahti. There were 76 participants from 28 countries and 18 higher education institutes. They were divided into […] The post The European Summer School 2021 Goes to the Green Routes appeared first on LAB Focus.

#OmaLahti PB Second Time Round

Citizenzs of Lahti were introduced to a modern way of having their say in municipal spending in 2020. The city ran their first city wide participatory budgeting PB “OmaLahti Osbu” where ordinary citizens can give ideas on how to improve their city, co-create with city officials and later vote on their favorites. The city then […] The post #OmaLahti PB Second Time Round appeared first on LAB Focus.