Joint Application Guide

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Steps for Admission

1. Apply online at
2. Upload attachment(s) to your application.
3. Sit the entrance exam or provide a SAT-test result.
4. Wait for the results until the given date.
5. Accept the study place if offered.
6. Enroll for the academic year.
7. Get a residence permit if needed.
8. Start studies.

Application period 8 - 22 January 2020

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Eligibility and Student Selection

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Tuition fee and residence permit

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Entrance Examinations and SAT minimums

Timetable for autumn 2020 intake

8 Jan Online system opens
8 Jan Pre-reading material is published
22 Jan at 3pm System closes
  Deadline for attachments (I application period)
by 28 Feb Invitations are sent
March 10 - 15 Exams with Finnips
March 31 Nursing exams in Lahti and Lappeenranta
April 1 International business exams in Lahti and Lappeenranta
April 2 Mechanical Engineering exam in Lappeenranta
April 7 Tourism and Hospitality Management Exam in Lappeenranta
  Admission results
by 5 June Student selection results will be published at the latest
by 10 July at 3pm Deadline for accepting the offered study place
  Deadline for enrollment for the academic year
31.7. Waiting list closes
Late August 2020 Studies begin

Contact information 

If you have further questions after reading our Admissions website, please contact our Admission Services by email at admissionsatlab [dot] fi.

Postal address, Lahti Campus:
LAB University of Applied Sciences
Admission Services
Mukkulankatu 19
P.O.Box 214
50101 Lahti, Finland

Postal address, Lappeenranta Campus:
LAB University of Applied Sciences
Admissions Office
Yliopistonkatu 36, FI-53850 Lappeenranta
tel. +358 40 480 9970

Admission services
Lahti Campus
+358 44 708 1385 or +358 44 708 1386
admissionsatlab [dot] fi
Admission services
Lappeenranta Campus
admissionsatlab [dot] fi