All students are responsible for their own insurance arrangements and we strongly recommend you to take a comprehensive insurance for your stay in Finland. Before leaving your home country, please check your travel and health insurance.

Remember to bring the valid insurance policy with you!

EU citizens: European Health Insurance Card & private insurance

Students from the EU/EEA countries are entitled to public health services in Finland, if they are covered by health insurance in their own country. A European Health Insurance Card is needed for public health services in Finland. The card ensures that you will get the same access to public sector health care as the local residents (e.g. a doctor, a pharmacy, a hospital or a health care centre), covering mainly emergency treatment in the event of an illness or injury, and other medically necessary treatment. Any costs you incur outside the system you will have to pay on your own. 
Citizens of the EU/EEA countries must also have a private insurance in addition to the European Health Insurance Card. The European Health Insurance Card is not valid during your travels to and from Finland and during any excursions to a third country outside of the EU.

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More information is available also on European Commission web pages.  

Students outside the EU: private insurance

Students from outside the EU/EEA must have private insurance to cover the duration of the visa / residence permit and the Schengen area before they enter Finland. The insurance must cover the treatment and health care provided by municipal health care services, cases of illness or accident, and include travel costs to home country as well as liability insurance.
Taking insurance from an international insurance company is recommended. For travel outside Finland, please make sure the insurance is valid in these countries as well.
More information is available on Finnish Immigration Service web pages.