Conditions for student exchange

If you are interested in a student exchange period at LAB University of Applied Sciences, please contact your home institution's international office. You can be considered as an exchange student if there is a student exchange agreement between your home institution and LAB University of Applied Sciences. The home institution selects the candidates for student exchange. After you have been selected by your home institution to be a candidate for student exchange, you can apply as an exchange student at LAB. 

LAB also welcomes freemovers, however students coming outside of the LAB partner network are subject to a participation fee 2500 € per semester.

Application Periods

Autumn semester: 15 March - 15 April (NOTE! In 2020 the application deadline is postponed to 19 April)

Spring semester: 15 September - 15 October

Application Procedure

All exchange students apply to LAB University of Applied Sciences with the online application system, and all correspondence will be conducted by email. Please note that a valid and operational email address is essential for your application.

Please read through the application instructions step by step before starting the online application.  

Application Documents

  1. Online application for exchange students - (link available during application period). After completing your application, download the following documents to your account:
  2. Passport size photo of yourself (max. 500 pixel x 500 pixel)
  3. Transcript of records in English (certificate of the courses you have completed)
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English
  5. Learning agreement (study plan) (available courses listed here)
  6. A certificate of competence in English level B2
    From home university language centre/teacher/copy of IELTS 6.0 test results/copy of TOEFL iBT 72 test results). NOTE! The students whose native language can attach a free-form document stating that the student's mother tongue is English.
  7. Portfolio - only for students applying to Institute of Design and Fine Arts
  8. After uploading the necessary documents print out the application form and get it signed by your departmental / international coordinator and yourself. Scan and upload your signed application form also to Mobility-Online as one of the application documents.

PLEASE UPLOAD THE APPLICATION DOCUMENTS TO THE MOBILITY-ONLINE SYSTEM  - NO mailing of original application documents is required.

Additional Portfolio for Institute of Design and Fine Arts

Institute of Design and Fine Arts requires a portfolio as an application document. Please read through the additional portfolio instructions before preparing your portfolio:

Additional portfolio instructions (pdf 41 kb).

Please also note that Graphic Design requires printed portfolio to be posted to us before the application deadline. For all other departments please prepare a digital portfolio. Upload your portfolio as PDF-file to your application documents in Mobility Online. 

Learning Agreement (Study Plan)

Please choose the courses for your Learning Agreement from the list of your study field (can be found from "Studies" section).

Exchange students are expected to complete 30 ECTS during the semester. Learning Agreements are signed at LAB University of Applied Sciences by the tutor teacher in the beginning of the semester.

You should use the Learning Agreement form provided by your home institution. You may also use LAB Learning Agreement form (docx 49 kb).